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I'm Special

Posted by Benjamin Adams on May 8, 2013 at 8:10 AM

We are all human beings, every single one of us. We all shit and wipe our arses, we've all put another person's genitals in our mouth and we all have the same thing programmed into our brains "I'm Special". If we didn't we wouldn't survive.

The internet, tv talent competitions and the rise of talentless celebrities has done nothing but feed this "i'm special" part of our brains and now every one of us feels arrogantly entitled to success, love and happiness. Sadly though this planet is getting ever so over-crowded and the fact is, not everyone will make it. I will of course ....but maybe not you.

Music, Film, Tv and Stand up is now so over saturated with mediocre shit because we like feeding that "I'm Special" part of us too much. So we get reality shows all about how regular people like us come from nothing and make it big. Songs all about "partying" all the time and meeting "the one" because we're all so special and one day someone will come along and change things for us because we're so fucking interesting. Popular Stand up comedy seems to have to be about things we ALL do like... "Ah went into my bedroom the other day and then I thought...why did I come in here! ay...ay...haha...why do we do that ay?" . It's because If you have to listen to someone else's shit for 5 minutes you might learn something about life from a different perspective and who wants that! LOOK AT MY NEW BAYYYYBBYYYY

I once had the urge to gig every single night, the passion to work on my set all day and to watch comedy for inspiration every second I could. Now though, I can see what i'm working towards on tv, watching more and more comics rise to the top and playing the o2 arena and find myself not wanting any part of that world anymore.

More and more comedians are making it and with that success comes hateful bitterness from their jealous peers. That's the general vibe I get now at gigs and It's not a fun place to be. I contribute to it too though of course, who doesn't like to moan about anothers success, it stops the fear and anxiety taking hold sometimes. For instance:

I hate Russell Kane, I loathe him with every fibre of my being. His stupid guyliner, his blonde streak above his cunty face and his material for 15 year olds coming from his 33 year old mouth. I've never met him, I'm sure he's a probably a decent bloke. He's just the physical manifestation of everything comedy has become...young, shiny, inane, dishonest and trendy, with a tiny cock and no balls.

Just wanted to get that out, hate being one of those people doing a "I'm right, you're wrong" kind of blog, everyone's got an opinion and that my friends is the fucking problem.

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