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From the very bowels of comedy was born such a man that could deliver a punchline so cutting, that it ripped a hole in the audiences brains. That hole was then to be filled with questions they never thought of asking or even wanted to. This Man's name was The Ben Adams

 Alternate Less Bullshitty Opening:- This is my website, it's got all my things that i've done on it.


I'm based in London now but I used to live in my mum.

 "Ben Adams is one of our absolute favourites - an exciting boundary-pushing comedian who manages to tread the line between playfulness and offensiveness expertly. Terrific - one to watch" - The Painted Grin

'Ben Adams manages to push comedy boundries to the absolute limit whilst being incredibly funny' - Tom Fowler (Jokers Comedy Promoter and Judge)


Semi- Finalist Laughing horse 2013

Finalist in Jongleurs Loaded Laftas 2013 (Featured on Loaded Tv)

Finalist of Jokers! Comedy Competition Essex 2011

Finalist of Brand Spanking Comedy New Act Competition 2013

Supported Imran Yusef, Scott Cappurro, Prince Abdi and Mark Little

To book me as a comic please do it through this website or call me on 07515117741

As an actor please contact CBL MANAGEMENT at


I create 'laughy times' daily on Vine so follow me BEN ADAMS 




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Other Stuff

I'm also pretty good at pretending to be other people 'Acting' I believe people call it. I pride myself on my comic timing and improvisation skills.

 I also write and make sketches which you can see here:


For acting have a look at my video's page to see an example of my work