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Posted by Benjamin Adams on December 17, 2012 at 6:35 AM

A miserable man walked down the street, when recieving a smile he looked at his feet

"I don't care about others" he said without a faulter, "Not your mother, your father or even your daughter"

Grumbling to himself he walked off in a huff, then bought some milk and some belly button fluff

Carrying his bags he rushed on home, to lock the door and sit on his own

Inside was lovely, lonely and warm, he pulled down his pants and looked at his porn

"Oh yes" he screamed stroking his cock, he came in a flash and wiped up with a sock

Sad but fulfilled he then turned to the kitchen, but his sandwiches were off so he had to ditch'em

"Oh life is so hard" screamed the miser of this tale, "It's so hard to win but so easy to fail"

The saddened man cried a single tear, is this how he'd end the year?

No sandwiches, friends or reasons to leave, this has to be the worst new years eve

This was the reason for his angry persona, sharing a christmas with a bottle of corona

So you see every person can have a story, not of all of us can live in permanant glory

So if someone is a cunt or just a bit down, understand there's a reason for wearing the frown

Don't just presume they are bastards, because of their actions, try to understand it is an emotional reaction

To something terrible in the past or that day, thats made them act a very certian way

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