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Comedy isn't funny

Posted by Benjamin Adams on December 10, 2012 at 8:40 AM

Not a day goes by that I'm not somehow involved or witnessing someone just trying to be funny and getting scorned for it. The act of "trying to make people laugh" is not a crime as far as I know but a lot of people seem to be being persecuted for it.

In comedy, I do what I find funny. I have carried on with stand up because I have done well at many  gigs and so obviously there is a market for what I find funny. I've also done badly and shows me that my style isn't for everyone, that is completely fine we are all different and have had different events leading up to this point that has shaped the way we think and act . In a perfect world people would get on with things they enjoy and the people that didn't enjoy those particular things would stay away from them. With twitter, facebook, youtube and the natural human desire to 'be heard' and a hard wired lie to ourselves that 'we're special, different from the rest' a perfect world is impossible. We also take people's bias tellings of a story as fact and judge an opinion before finding out what really happened ourselves.

The way the world is going we are collectively narrowing our free speech all the time. It's offically agreed that we can no longer say certain words, Mong, Half-Caste, Rape, Muslim amongst others. I'm not saying these words are ok to say but if you want to say them, go ahead and accept responsibility for any backlash you recieve. After this week it seems that officially we should not be allowed to try and do something entertaining. Such as a phone call to a royal hospital for a prank just incase the person who picks up is emotionally unstable and it sets off a chain of events and media coverage that results in her killing herself.

Think what you want about this story, that's the way I see it. Most importantly though I just don't care about this story at all. It seems like an unfortunate series of events but there doesn't appear to be anyone to blame and so there's nothing we can do. I don't think the world knows how to deal with this. The Jimmy Saville case has got people so up in arms because as of yet there has been no one to take the blame for it all. Jimmy Saville is dead, he got away with it. It's horrible what he did but we quite literally can do nothing about it. We can try to stop it happening again and are tieing up all the lose ends by finding out who the other people involved were, but ultimately there's no resolve to be had.

The Comedy world and comedians seem to be so wrapped up about what we can say and what we can't that they have forgotten the most important thing about comedy. It's main appeal is that it can come from ANYWHERE. You can't pin point exactly what makes you laugh, it's different for everyone but when it does you can realise something about yourself you didn't know.

I'm not suggesting we should stop arguing with each other, not in the slightest. Debate is the only way to change anything but it's people's way of "debating" I dislike. If you disagree with someone, tell them and give them some points about why you disagree and they can then come back with their arguement. Close friends should be able to debate with one another and still be friends afterwards but instead in this facebook and twitter era a "debate" will descend into ganging up on people. Using personal insults to try and get your point across and usually causing one party to give up their opinion and join the majority less they be shunned forever by their peers.

You may not agree with me, that's good, it's healthy! I WANT people to disagree with me always because the moment no one has a problem with anything said or done by anyone in the world then we are well and truly fucked.

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