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I hate Women

Posted by Benjamin Adams on November 23, 2012 at 7:25 PM

I can't stand women, not the real women that live day to day in the real world but the women I am forced to watch every day in advertising.

When watching tv, a break will always consist of at least one ad aimed soley at women, i.e make up, perfume and tena lady. These advert's are the ones I find most annoying, partly because I am a man grrr but mainly because of the idiotic way women are portrayed.

In some female orientated adverts you will see a woman walking along smiling and maybe even laughing to herself about the fact she resisted a cake and ate a special k granite bar instead. Maybe you'll see a group of women out on the town or meeting for lunch and literally pissing themselves over the fact one of them has occasional bladder incontinence. The worst one however, are the family ads. The woman can be seen doing every piece of house work imaginable, picking up the kids, cooking the dinner and still managing to look radiant, then the silly man comes home and asks "EH DERRRR WHERES DAT SMELL COMIN FROM LOVE!!!???" or rushes in front of the tv to "WATCH DA FOOTY!".  Yes this is insulting to the man but by adding that element and having the woman look empowered at the end does it really justify using the same old 50's stereotype that woman are ALL homemakers. More importantly though it's just not REAL but because it's on the telly and includes scenes from true daily life, everyone will percieve these images to be 'the norm' and think 'we'll i'm the exception but all other people are EXACTLY like that'

The boots ads are the worst, although Ernie K. Doe and Sugababes are probably doing alright from them. I hate them because there are a few adverts like the boots one that try to reinforce the feminist side of things by showing working, confident women having a good fun time. But it's always for something like chocolate, make up or dieting which is after all, the only things you REALLY care about right girls?

I just think that the advertising that is forced upon millions of people every day showing women as giggling, moronic, vapid creatures with a thirst for gossip is a bit degrading to you lovely ladies.

Maybe I've got the wrong end of the stick, because after all I am not a woman so of course these ad's won't work on me. Those fosters ad's with the two aussie's being HILARIOUS with those fit birds behind them though, THATS a good advert! lads!

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